Tablo Shares Touching Story Behind Why He Can’t Open This Yogurt Drink

On his birthday, rapper Tablo of hip hop group Epik High shared a story about his daughter Haru that is bound to warm your heart.

On July 22, Tablo posted onto his Instagram a photo of the yogurt drink in his hand and reveals the story behind why he can’t open it.

“A few days ago, there was one yogurt drink left in the refrigerator, so I was about to drink it, but Haru said she’s saving it. Just now as I was heading to the concert hall, she said, ‘Wait!’ and gave [that yogurt drink] to me, wishing me a happy birthday. I just can’t open it,” he writes.

Tablo concludes, “I think I’ve already received the [best] gift I could possibly want. Thanks everyone.”

What a special moment! Happy Birthday, Tablo!

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