SISTAR’s Bora Hopes To Rediscover Herself As A Dancer On “Hit The Stage”

At a recent press conference for upcoming Mnet program “Hit the Stage,” SISTAR’s Bora opened up about why she decided to join the show.

“Before SISTAR—ever since I was little—I danced a lot. But after becoming [a part of] SISTAR, I found that I wasn’t really able to dance in the way that I had always had. It was always just the choreography for shows,” Bora shares.

She continues, “I think as a result I forget a lot of the dances that I used to dance, and I found that I was little disappointed with myself. And through my time on ‘Hit the Stage,’ I am hoping to discover the dance that I’ve wanted to do.”

“I used to explore a variety of [dance] genres too, and I’m hoping to show you a variety of dance genres,” Bora says.

The moderator of the panel asks, “Which genre are you most interested in?”

Bora replies, “If I tell you, that would be a spoiler!”

“You also learned ballet, right? Won’t there be a stage incorporating [ballet]?” the moderator asks.

“Yes, I learned ballet when I was little, but whether I incorporate ballet or not… you can check for yourself [by watching] the show,” Bora says, laughing.

“Hit the Stage” is Mnet’s new dance survival show that showcases the dance talent of celebrities and professional dancers. With a different theme for every episode, the “Hit the Stage” contestants will battle it out every week, with their ranking determined by a special panel.

The first episode of “Hit the Stage” will air on July 27 at 11 p.m. KST.

Are you looking forward to seeing Bora’s rediscover herself as a dancer on “Hit the Stage”?

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