Seo Hyun Jin Chooses Eric As Best Kissing Scene Partner For His Ideas

On the July 23 episode of KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly,” Seo Hyun Jin sits down for an interview with the show.

During the interview, Seo Hyun Jin chooses between past drama co-stars in a kissing partner tournament. The final two candidates are Lee Jin Wook and Eric, but Oh Hae Young chooses “Oh Hae Young Again” co-star Eric without hesitation.

When asked what Eric’s kissing style is like, Seo Hyun Jin says, “He receives you well.”

Seo Hyun Jin Eric Lee Jin Wook

She continues, “[Eric] oppa has good ideas, like he’ll think of what poses to do. He’ll say like, ‘Here we’ll do this and then this, and then I’ll hug you,’—he has a lot of ideas.”

You can catch Seo Hyun Jin and Eric’s kissing chemistry in “Oh Hae Young Again” available in full on Viki below!

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