I.O.I Finds Out Which Member Has The Best Luck In Romance According To Face Reader

The ladies of I.O.I have had their fortunes told by a face reader!

On July 22’s episode of Mnet’s “LAN Cable Friends I.O.I,” the girl group members seek out the opinion of a face reader.

Kim Doyeon lights up when the reader tells her that her face is a very good blessing and that not only does she resemble actress Jun Ji Hyun, but she also possesses similar physiognomy with her as well.

The face reader tells her, “You only take after Jun Ji Hyun’s assets.”

Feeling optimistic about her results, she inquires about her luck in love, when her close friend Choi Yoojung reveals insider information about her love life.

kim doyeon jeon somi choi yoojung im na young

Choi Yoojung divulges, “Kim Doyeon has never dated or even touched the hand of a man.”

The face reader also declares that the I.O.I member with the best fortune with love is Lim Nayoung, prompting Jeon Somi and Choi Yoojung to cheer in excitement. Happy about Lim Nayoung’s good fate, Choi Yoojung exclaims, “Let’s send her off to marriage!”

Furthermore, the top three ladies of I.O.I with the best luck in money according to the face reader are Jeon Somi, Zhoi Jieqiong, and Kim Sohye, while Choi Yoojung stands as first place in success, followed by Kim Doyeon and Kim Sohye.

Watch the members receive and discuss their fortune below!

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