Actress Jung Sun Ah Says She’s Learned A Lot From XIA (Junsu) About Acting

Musical actress Jung Sun Ah has complimented her former co-star Junsu (XIA) of JYJ on his acting chops!

Jung Sun Ah appeared on July 23’s episode of the radio show “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show” to promote the musical “Wicked,” along with fellow actresses Ivy and Park Hye Na.

Jung Sun Ah is a well known musical actress in Korea, and she’s asked by the hosts which of her co-stars she thinks was the best. “Rather than just going by looks, I think the best actors are ones that I really gel with,” she replies.

“Junsu and I really worked well together,” she says. “I’m older than him, but I also learned a lot from him as an actor, particularly about how to express sadness and happiness.”

Jung Sun Ah and Junsu have shown off their chemistry while performing in the musicals “Mozart!” and “Dracula.”

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