f(x)’s Amber “Auditions” To Be A Backup Dancer For miss A’s Fei

f(x) member Amber has shown off her own moves with a hula hoop for her friend, miss A’s Fei!

Fei recently made her solo debut with the track “Fantasy,” which features some seductive dance moves with a hula hoop in the choreography.

On July 24, Amber posted a couple photos of herself with Fei to her Instagram. In one of the photos, she’s grinning and giving Fei a thumbs up while showing off how she can balance the hula hoop on her back. She writes as the caption, “Auditioned for Fei’s dancer today. Let’s just say I killed it.”

Fei also shared a photo of Amber with the hula hoop to her Instagram!

who?so sexy!? 누구 이렇게 섹심함? ㅋㅋ 这谁呀 如此性感!?

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It seems like Fei got a special visit from Amber backstage at “Inkigayo” on July 24. Check out her performance here!