Haru And Kang Hye Jung Are Stunning Beauties In Hanbok-Inspired Fashion For Vogue

Actress Kang Hye Jung and her daughter Haru look absolutely beautiful in a cut from a Vogue photo shoot.

On July 24, renowned photographer Jo Sun Hee shared a photo from her shoot with Haru and Kang Hye Jung to her Instagram. She writes as the caption, “Haru and Kang Hye Jung~~ A mother and daughter who are too beautiful. It’s a concept that I came up with when I thought of the faint childhood memory of the backs of my grandmother and mother as they carried things on their heads while they walked, although the sight wasn’t as beautiful as this.”

The photo was taken as part of a joint campaign between fashion magazine Vogue and the organization Save the Children to help girls in Africa attend school, and appears in August’s issue of Vogue.