Actor Dong Hyun Bae Talks Living In His Brother Taeyang’s Shadow

In a recent interview, Dong Hyun Bae opens up about his acting career and living in his brother Taeyang’s shadow.

Dong Hyun Bae acknowledges that he is better known as “Taeyang’s older brother” than he is known as “actor Dong Hyun Bae” but seems to have come to terms with it. “Because he’s family, I don’t hate [being known as Taeyang’s older brother],” Dong Hyun Bae says.

“No matter how successful I get, I don’t think I will be able to surpass my younger brother. But as I consistently appear in dramas and films, I think that [the label of Taeyang’s older brother] will gradually disappear, and I will make my mark as actor Dong Hyun Bae.”

Dong Hyun Bae also talks about his current drama, JTBC’s “Age of Youth,” where he plays the role of a kitchen assistant. He reveals that his agency was against him taking the role but that he took it anyways. “Because I have only been doing variety shows, I am approaching [this drama] with the mindset of regaining my touch [as an actor].”

He continues, “It’s not a character that’s very important or weighty, but I am bringing him to life in my own way.”

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