MAMAMOO Takes On A Haunted House For “Showtime”

On a recent recording of “Showtime MAMAMOO x GFRIEND,” the members of MAMAMOO undertake a horror experience in order to figure out who gets scared the easiest.

The members reveal which member tends to get scared the most, but in order to truly identify the scaredy-cat, MAMAMOO enters a haunted house. They go inside a ghost house and explore the kitchen, the interior, the well, and a collection of shaman writings while completing a variety of missions.

MAMAMOO Haunted House 3

As they are trying to carry out the missions, some of the members are seen trying to fight the ghosts, while other members are seen having a conversation with the ghosts.

MAMAMOO Haunted House 2

Watch MAMAMOO members show a variety of reactions on the next episode of “Showtime MAMAMOO x GFRIEND” airing on July 28.

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