I.O.I’s Agency Clarifies News About Full-Group Comeback In October

In response to recent reports about I.O.I returning as a full group in October, the group’s agency has stated to news outlets that the reports aren’t true. “Realistically, an October comeback is difficult,” said the agency. “At the time of debut, there was talk of a full-group album in October. However, it’s not possible anymore. Due to the members’ individual schedules, it’ll be hard to get everyone together in October.”

The members of I.O.I are able to carry out group, unit, and solo activities while also being a part of I.O.I. Jung Chaeyeon is active in her original group DIA, and Kim Sejung and Kang Mina have also debuted with gugudan, which they had prepared for prior to “Produce 101.” Yoo Yeonjung has joined her agency’s group, Cosmic Girls.

Currently, I.O.I members Choi Yoojung, Kim Doyeon, Jeon Somi, Zhou Jieqiong, Lim Nayoung, Kim Sohye, and Kim Chungha are part of a seven-member I.O.I unit. According to reports, the unit has an album planned for release in the first half of August, and will be releasing a total of two albums.

Following unit activities, the full group will take over for the finale of the I.O.I project.

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