Watch: Topp Dogg Plays Epic Game Of Charades On “Topp Dogg: All-Kill”

On July 25’s episode of “Topp Dogg: All-Kill,” the guys of Topp Dogg take on a charades challenge!

The game this week is once again submitted by a fan, who wants to see the members play charades. The ten guys split up into their “old” and “young” teams to put their miming skills to the test!

This is no easy game of charades though, with the guys having to try to act out things like “giving blood,” “fansign session,” and “missing the bus.”

There are plenty of hilarious moments during their games, including P-Goon doing a great impression of a fish for “feeding a fish” but Nakta making them “pass” on it anyway, Hansol getting down on his knees to become “fire” so his teammates can act out “putting out a fire,” Yano’s fantastic miming of “surfing the Internet,” the other teams constantly trying to sabotage or just shout out the answers, and much more.

topp dogg 2

Watch the full episode with English subtitles below!