Update: UP10TION Shares New Batch Of Teaser Images For “Summer Go!”

Update August 2 KST:

UP10TION has released another set of teaser images for their comeback! This time around, they look like perfect boyfriend material as they rock some comfy pajamas. Check them out below.

up10tion bitto up10tion hwanhee up10tion jinhoo up10tion wooshin up10tion kogyeol up10tion gyujin up10tion sunyoul up10tion wei up10tion xiao up10tion kuhn

Update August 1 KST:

UP10TION has shared the track list for their upcoming release “Summer Go!”. They have also launched an official Instagram. Follow it here: @u10t_official.

Their mini album “Summer Go!” features six tracks in total, including their title track “Tonight” and its instrumental version, as well as the songs “Beautiful,” “Oasis,” “Magic,” and “Be My Luck.”

up10tion summer go track list

Update July 29 KST:

Watch the teaser video for UP10TION’s “Tonight” here!

Update July 27 KST:

UP10TION has shared the second batch of individual teasers for their comeback! This batch includes members Kuhn, Wei, Xiao, Sunyoul, and Gyujin.

up10tion kuhn up10tion wei up10tion xiao up10tion sunyoul up10tion gyujin

Update July 27 KST:

UP10TION has shared some summery individual photos for their comeback, so far featuring members Hwanhee, Kogyeol, Bitto, Jinhoo, and Wooshin. Check them out below!

up10tion hwanhee

up10tion kogyeol up10tion bitto up10tion jinhoo up10tion wooshin

Update July 26 KST:

UP10TION has now shared another teaser image for their comeback, this time with a totally different concept! After the dark, brooding, and a little spooky teaser image yesterday, they’ve now shared a happy, summertime shot of the guys looking like they’re having fun in the sun. It seems that their new release will be titled “Summer Go!”.



UP10TION will soon be making a comeback!

On July 25, the ten-member rookie group shared a teaser picture for their upcoming return via their official Facebook page. The photo features each of the members bathed in a red light, showing off their killer visuals and bare shoulders.


The group’s name on the teaser image seems to be running with blood, hinting at a dark concept from the group this time around. It also reveals that their new release will be dropped on August 5 at midnight KST, although there are no details yet about what exactly we should be looking forward to!

UP10TION made their debut in 2015 under the agency TOP Media, and most recently released the track “Attention” in May of this year.

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