Watch: “Show Me The Money 5” #Gun Releases MV Teaser For “BEEP”

“Show Me The Money 5” rapper #Gun released a teaser for his upcoming digital single “BEEP.”

The teaser was made public on Starship Entertainment’s SNS site, showing a dreamlike aesthetic with sharp colors of red and blue, paired with an electronic hip-hip sound.

#Gun’s single and music video incorporates artistic directions from New York and Seoul, with artist DOMCAKE and New York director INVIDIOUS. “The work environment was really freeing and so it allowed me to enjoy working,” DOMCAKE said. The music video is set to release July 29 with the track featuring Crucial Star and produced by Giriboy.

#Gun gained attention for his unique sound through his mixtape “RELOAD,” and was a contestant on the recent “Show Me The Money 5,” where he made it to the semi-finals.

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