Eric Nam Flaunts His Cooking Skills And Talks About His Ex-Girlfriend

On the upcoming episode of tvN’s “Mr.Baek The Homemade Food Master 2,” singer Eric Nam talks about having prepared food for his ex-girlfriend.

The main ingredient for this episode is spinach, and Eric Nam will show the audience how he personally uses spinach to create dishes to his liking. For his dish, Eric Nam mixes olive oil, onion, and spinach together.

Singer Jung Joon Young asks Eric Nam during the show, “Have you ever prepared food for your girlfriend?” and Eric Nam shyly answers, “She may have lied back then but she said it tasted good.”

Eric Nam 2

Spinach is a difficult ingredient to approach for many food lovers, but during this show, the chef will show various ways people can enjoy this nutritious food.

After tasting one of chef Baek’s dishes, Eric Nam and others exclaim, “This is awesome!” and cannot put their spoon down.

To see what dishes the panel and Eric Nam come up with, catch the next episode on July 26 at 9:40 p.m. KST.

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