“King Of Masked Singer” PD Responds To Criticism Over Panelists’ Comments On TWICE’s Jihyo

The producing director (PD) of “King of Masked Singer,” No Shi Yong, responded to recent controversy over some comments on the show.

The last episode of the MBC show featured TWICE’s Jihyo as one of the contestants. Before she took off the mask, some of the panelists made comments about her muscles and shoulder lines and how they weren’t “right” for an idol.

As a result, many netizens left comments on the message board protesting the use of disparaging physical comments on a show that markets itself as judging only voices.

Noh Shi Yong said, “The comments were made because as part of the format of the show, the panelists are supposed to try and guess who the contestants are. However, we acknowledge that viewers may have felt uncomfortable about these comments and the production staff will work harder to avoid such issues in future.”

You can watch the episode below!

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