Tweets By BTS That Sum Up Their Personalities

For ARMYs, we know that our Bangtan Boys can’t be found on as many social media outlets as other idols, but their Twitter definitely keeps us entertained. Not to mention it is also one of the most retweeted accounts out there! We’ve found some unique tweets of theirs that sum them up pretty well — as a group and individually.

As a group

Only one of many famous cartoons they’ve made a version of themselves into.

Some idols are unsure of their constant hair color changes. BTS embraces it.

Human traffic light.

How would you celebrate a birthday on Twitter other than with some good old Photoshop?


There is no denying how much Jin loves food.

Of course, we can’t forget the traffic light dance!

This one captures Jin perfectly. No caption, just handsomeness.


Suga doesn’t tweet as much as the other members, but when he does, it’s always a sweet smile of his and some sort of sentiment of appreciation!

“Thank you ARMY!! Thanks to all the ARMYs that came to support us, and all the ARMYs that supported us from home~~~ Stay healthy.”

He also hits us with an occasional observation of how handsome he is.

Rap Monster

This tweet captures two things Rap Monster always does: wishing his fans well and showing us his outfit of the day! #KimDaily

Of course, there’s some sort of introspection and/or promotion of music he’s currently digging.


J-Hope being as angelic as possible. Who can resist that dimple?

We know J-Hope can be a bit cheesy at times with his sense of humor, so here’s a time he imitated two emojis.

There can never be enough J-Hope!


Even amidst practicing for concerts, Jimin puts up selfies!

He really has a lot of selfies…

Knowing their dynamic, this must have been an impossible moment to capture. Of course Jimin was going to document it.

And then there’s always this drawing…


Only V would have a conversation with himself.

Teasing us with a blurry picture of his feet — the signs of V are all over this.

V is unique and he knows it, but more importantly – he embraces it.

The time he trolled us all and nearly gave us all heart attacks. V would…

Lastly, we can’t forget this gem that he gifted us with on his birthday!


As the youngest, he has always expressed his gratitude for everything he has in life.

“Went to Hongdae today, and there were so many people. There were a lot of really cool people; I’m going to have to work harder. Have a good night, and let’s do our best tomorrow. This heart is a present. Miss you, ARMY.”

Someone protect our genuine and sweet little bunny.

It seems the golden maknae is also a Pokemon fan! This tweet reminds us of how although he is in such popular demand and forced to grow up fast in many ways, he is just a child.

Also, he may be quiet but we all know the quiet ones make for the most interesting ones. It’s like they’re always hiding something!

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