Tracks By HyunA, Fei, Heize, And Beenzino Banned By KBS

A number of new songs by various artists have been recently ruled unsuitable for broadcast by KBS.

On July 27, the network deemed HyunA’s song “Do It!” inappropriate due to its obscene language, with lines such as “I’m a b*tch.”

Likewise, Heize’s tracks “No Way” and “Underwater” also failed KBS standards for having lyrics such as “I don’t really give a f*ck now” and vulgar Korean slang.

“Sweet Sexy Fei” by Fei of miss A was banned for including a brand name, “Coco Chanel,” in its lyrics.

Finally, after the rapper’s request for reconsideration, Beenzino’s “January” featuring Yang Dong Geun was banned once again due to the mention of the company name “Facebook.”

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