Watch: GOT7, BTOB, GFRIEND, And TWICE Members Have A Hilarious “Ugly Dance” Battle

Some of today’s top idol stars courageously throw off their pretty idol image and compete in a friendly ugly dance battle on “Weekly Idol”!

On the July 27 episode of MBC every1’s “Weekly Idol,” GOT7, BTOB, GFRIEND and TWICE guest in commemoration of the show’s fifth anniversary.

One of the show’s corners is called “One Against 27” and features the guests competing against the other guests to defend titles that they have previously achieved on the show.

For BTOB’s Eunkwang, the title he is defending is the “ugly dance off king” and he gives everyone a taste of his legendary moves first.

His rivals are GOT7’s Yugyeom, fellow member Changsub, GFRIEND’s Yuju, and TWICE’s Jungyeon. The competitors first have their dance off amongst themselves and from the very beginning of the song, it spirals quickly out of control.

Yugyeom Changsub Jungyeon Yuju

From the four competitors, Eunkwang picks GFRIEND’s Yuju as the winner and the two of them have an ugly dance celebration, as the other guests look on in amazement.

Check out the hilarious dance battle and the crowning of the champion below!

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