GFRIEND Reveals Whether Their Agency Treats Them Differently After Their Success

Trending girl group GFRIEND shared how their lives have been following their meteoric rise in popularity.

On the July 27 radio broadcast for SBS PowerFM’s “Kim Hwa Jung’s Power Time,” GFRIEND were the guests and they happily shared about how they’ve been doing.

DJ Kim Hwa Jung asked, “You’re the only singers in your agency right now. Has the way the agency treats you changed since you’ve become popular?”

GFRIEND shook their heads in response and answered, “It hasn’t changed. Actually, it seems like they’ve become more cold so that we can become better.”

When Kim Hwa Jung replied that nonetheless, they still got to eat beef, they laughed as they said, “Even the beef, it’s because we said that we wanted to eat it.”

It looks like even as they continue to rack up their wins for “Navillera” with their fifth win on July 24 on “Inkigayo,” GFRIEND is able to still remain humble and down to earth!

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