Watch: GOT7, TWICE, BTOB, GFRIEND Ace Their Choreography At 2x The Speed On “Weekly Idol”

GOT7, TWICE, BTOB, and GFRIEND proved why they are some of today’s hottest idols on the latest episode of MBC every1’s “Weekly Idol.”

On the July 27 episode of “Weekly Idol,” the show celebrated its fifth anniversary by inviting the four idol groups as a part of its “Family Day” special.

On this episode, the groups participate in various challenges against each other in a corner called “One Against 27.” One of the challenges was to dance their songs at double the speed, a feat that was previously accomplished perfectly by GFRIEND, both for “Rough” as well as their recent song “Navillera.”

As the originals, GFRIEND start off the challenge by nailing their “Navillera” choreography perfectly, showing why they are known as the power idols.

TWICE is up next as they perform “Cheer U” at double the speed. Despite being their first time to ever attempt this challenge, they ace the choreography and even manage to keep their cute facial expressions as they complete the song.

BTOB and GOT7 become the first boy groups to dance their songs at double speed on the show and they show off their perfect synchronized choreography while still maintaining their individual characteristics that represent each group.

Check out the impressive dancing below!

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