9MUSES A Gives Sneak Peek Of Their Upcoming Song During Live Broadcast

On July 27, 9MUSES’ upcoming unit group 9MUSES A did a live V app broadcast to say hello to their fans!

9MUSES will be doing a unit group comeback soon, and the members spent some time answering any questions that the fans had for them.

During the broadcast, the members give a sneak peek of their new choreography. They also explain, “Since this is a unit group promotion, some of us had time to rest but Sojin did not. The dance moves to our new song is more difficult than that of ‘Hurt Locker.'”

The members also sing a bit of their comeback song “Lip 2 Lip” and make the fans even more excited.

9MUSES A Naver V 2

When fans ask about the meaning behind their unit group name 9MUSES A, Hyemi answers, “Minha and I came up with the name. I still remember those that criticized it thinking the company came up with this,” and laughs.

9MUSES A is a shortened name for 9MUSES AMUSES, meaning that the group will always make others happy and let them have a great time with their performance.

The members continue the broadcast having fun with fans by chatting and joking around with them. When one of the fans ask what they might do if they win first place, Hyemi says, “Whatever we decide to do, it’s important that we have fun while doing it.”

Are you looking forward to their unit comeback?

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