Taeyang’s Family Dog Gets Kidnapped

BIGBANG member Taeyang and his family are looking for their dog, Homie, who appears to have been kidnapped.

Taeyang’s brother actor Dong Hyun Bae posted about the unfortunate event on his personal Instagram account. In the first post he writes, “Please. Find our Homie.. He is an English bulldog. They say someone took him from Gyeonggi Province Yeoju City Wolsong-dong Hyangkyo-ro 113-31. He has black dots under his eyes like eyeliner. He has a lot of black spots on his stomach. He reacts right away when you call him Homie. If anyone living in Yeoju sees him please DM me. #canine #Homie #please #findhim #pleasebealive.”

A photo posted by Dong HyunBae (@___hyunbae___) on

His second post shows more photos of Homie and says, “Please return Homie to us.. He is our family.. Please.. #Homie #canine #Englishbulldog #Engbull #findhim #returnhim.”

A photo posted by Dong HyunBae (@___hyunbae___) on

We sincerely hope Taeyang, Dong Hyun Bae, and their family can be reunited with Homie soon.