Jung Joon Young’s Drug Restaurant Responds To Suspicions Of Plagiarism

Singer Jung Joon Young’s band Drug Restaurant recently responded to accusations of plagiarism surrounding their song “Mistake.”

Drug Restaurant recently released their song “Mistake” on May 27, which was accused of plagiarizing Two Door Cinema Club’s “Someday” for its similar sound. Netizens have remarked that the intro of the two songs does sound similar, but others noted that Drug Restaurant took the guitar riff from Two Door Cinema Club’s “Someday” and “What You Know” and incorporated it into “Mistake.”

“The overall planning and vision of the song was done by member Jo Dae Min, who really respects Two Door Cinema Club, so the sound does have their influence, but it is not plagiarism,” explained the band.

On July 28, Two Door Cinema posted a message on their official twitter stating, “Nice to see we’ve inspired someone,” and linked Drug Restaurant’s song to their post.

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