HyunA Talks About Turning Down Offer For Hit Film “The Wailing”

On the recent episode of “Happy Together” that aired on July 18, HyunA guested on the show and talked about being offered a role in the hit film “The Wailing.”

During the show, HyunA says that she was offered the role that Chun Woo Hee played in the film.

She explains, “It was about three years ago. I’m not some great star, but the director came to me in person to offer me the role. Since this was not my field of expertise, I respectfully declined the offer.”

HyunA Happy Together 2

When MC Yoo Jae Suk asks what director Na Hong Jin said to persuade her, HyunA reveals, “He said, ‘I want to draw out another side you using the energy that you pour out on stage.'”

HyunA Happy Together 3

HyunA makes it clear and says, “I have no regrets turning down the role.”

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