Watch: MAMAMOO Reacts Hilariously To Ghosts In Haunted House

On the July 28 episode of “MAMAMOO X GFRIEND Showtime,” MAMAMOO enters a haunted house for a horror simulation in order to find out which member has the most fear.

The first member to enter into the house is Moonbyul, who screams and puts her fists up. Every time the ghosts scares her, she threatens them saying, “I’m going to hit you!”

Wheein enters next and similarly shows her boundaries towards the ghosts. She screams loudly and becomes so scared that she collapses to the ground. Then as a ghost approaches her, she hits the ghost and expresses her fury comically throughout the house.

The minute Hwasa enters the house, she becomes frightened and screams in a high pitched voice but then ends the scream with a stream of laughter.

The last member, Solar is seen hugging a ghost for comfort and later has a conversation with another ghost.

Which reaction was your favorite?

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