Kim Sejeong Gets Teased About Her Alcohol Tolerance

Kim Sejeong of girl groups I.O.I and gugudan talks about her alcohol drinking capacity on “Welcome Show.”

On the July 28 episode of the KBS2 program, hosts Kim Jong Kook, Noh Hong Chul, and Lee Seo Jin share stories from their recent staff dinner.

Disappointed, Kim Sejeong asks, “Why didn’t you invite me?”

Noh Hong Chul explains, “It would have been really good if we called you over, but it was late and we were looking after Lee Seo Jin.”

The hosts then ask her about her alcohol tolerance, but the singer appears hesitant to respond so Noh Hong Chul jokes, “These days, if you say it’s a secret, even the viewers will keep it a secret.”

kim sejeong

Kim Sejeong answers, “If I drink, I feel good right away, but I can only drink up to two soju bottles.”

Lee Seo Jin teases, “People who say they drink two bottles actually drink five.”

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