Solar Gets Jealous Over Eric Nam’s Love Interest In His Music Video

MAMAMOO’s Solar shows jealousy over a woman who appears in the music video of her “We Got Married” husband Eric Nam.

The story of the virtual couple continues during the July 30 episode of the MBC show.

During the episode, Solar mentions her husband’s new music video and says, “The female model in your music video is pretty, slender, and really tall.”

When Eric Nam interjects, “She isn’t that tall,” she slowly gets worked up and snaps, “She’s taller than me, right? Then she’s tall.”

solar eric nam

Her husband suggests, “Could it be that you’re quite short?”

However, Solar strongly insists, “No, I have an average height for a woman. I’m very average.”

Watch more of the adorable Solar-Eric Nam couple in the latest episode below!

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