Watch: Ryu Hwayoung And Han Seung Yeon Share A Kiss On “Age Of Youth”

Actresses Ryu Hwayoung and Han Seung Yeon, former girl group members of T-ara and KARA respectively, share a kiss on the lips!

On the July 29 episode of JTBC’s “Age of Youth,” characters Kang Yi Na and Jung Ye Eun get into a fight over a cup of juice.

During the episode, Kang Yi Na, portrayed by Ryu Hwayoung, takes a phone call as she drinks from a cup owned by Han Seung Yeon’s character, Jung Ye Eun, who grows irritated and snatches her cup from Kang Yi Na’s hands.

Kang Yi Na apologizes, but Jung Ye Eun proceeds to wash the cup and snaps, “Is it enough that you’re sorry? It’s dirty. I know the things you’ve been doing with those lips.”

Kang Yi Na retorts, “You’re saying my lips are dirty?”

Jung Ye Eun answers, “That’s right, they’re dirty. Haven’t you been going around sticking your lips everywhere?

Hearing this, Kang Yi Na loses her temper, bolts toward Jung Ye Eun, and forces a kiss on her lips.

ryu hwa young han seung yeon 2

Kang Yi Na then walks away, and says before slamming the door behind her, “Watch out day and night and see if it rots,” after which Jung Ye Eun grows extremely upset, yelling curses at Kang Yi Na while sobbing.

Meanwhile, “Age of Youth” continues airing on JTBC at 8:30 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. The drama tells the story of five female college students with different personalities, majors, types, and even dating styles, who share a home where they live and struggle together.

Watch the scene below!

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