Jessi Is Moved To Tears By Surprise Visit On “Sister’s Slam Dunk”

On the July 29 episode of “Sister’s Slam Dunk,” Min Hyo Rin chose Jessi to be the next one to accomplish her dream.


When asked why she chose Jessi, Jessi joked, “Actually, I threatened her.” The cast met in a karaoke room and Jessi said more seriously, “In the twelve years I worked to be a singer, I gave up six times. I would practice singing in karaoke rooms. When I was cast on ‘Unpretty Rapstar,’ I decided to go with a bang. But rather than compete, I wanted to be judged for my singing.”

She continued, “I originally wanted to do UFC for my dream but I was worried about Ra Mi Ran unni‘s knee and Min Hyo Rin unni‘s nose. So I changed it to boxing.” Taken aback, the members jokingly threatened to leave.

In the end, the producing director (PD) announced that actor Lee Gye In had come to teach them boxing. Jessi sparred with him for a while but the atmosphere was surprisingly awkward.

Jessi Sister's Slam Dunk

When “Lee Gye In” took off his mask, it turned out to be none other than Jessi’s father! To help Jessi achieve her real dream of going on vacation with her family, the cast had only pretended to go along with the boxing idea.

Watch the episode below!

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