Hwang Jung Eum Reveals How Many Children She’d Like To Have With New Husband

On July 30’s episode of “Entertainment Weekly,” actress Hwang Jung Eum talks about her relationship with her new husband and her hopes for their future.

Hwang Jung Eum is first asked by the interviewer about how her husband reacts to romantic scenes in her dramas. “He just says one thing,” she says with a shy smile. She then reenacts her husband exclaiming “Doll!” while hitting his thighs.

hwang jung eum 1

The interviewer laughs, but is totally confused, so Hwang Jung Eum explains while blushing, “My husband calls me ‘doll.’ He’s scolding me when he yells out ‘Doll!’. He even hits his thighs like that.”

hwang jung eum 2

She then says in a video message to her husband, “Since the drama’s over now, I’ll enrol in a cooking school next week, and make you happy.”

When asked how many kids she’d like to have, Hwang Jung Eum replies, “Four? Right now I want to enjoy being newlyweds, but I want to have four kids later.”

Hwang Jung Eum married pro-golfer Lee Young Don in February of this year. She most recently starred in the drama “Lucky Romance” alongside Ryu Jun Yeol.

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