Yoon Seo Of “Entertainer” And Lee Sun Bin Of “Squad 38” To Debut In Girl Group Together

Actresses Yoon Seo of SBS drama “Entertainer” and Lee Sun Bin of OCN drama “Squad 38” will be debuting in a girl group together.

On July 30, their managing agency Wellmade Yedang announced, “The details of how many members, concept, and debut timing have not been determined, but Yoon Seo and label mate Lee Sun Bin will be debuting in a girl group together.”

“As much she’s been practiced tirelessly for over a year towards the goal of debuting in a girl group, Yoon Seo has already established among insiders a reputation as a hidden talent.”

Are you looking forward to this upcoming girl group?

You can catch Lee Sun Bin in the latest episode of “Squad 38” on Viki below!