“We Got Married” PD Addresses Speculations Regarding Scripted Nature Of Show

“We Got Married” PD (producing director) Choi Yoon Jung recently addressed common speculations regarding the scripted nature of the program.

On whether the show has a script or not, Choi Yoon Jung shares, “There is of course a cue sheet that guides the progress of the filming and the location changes. It’s a basic cue sheet containing things like where we will meet and where we will go, something that is required to produce any program. There is no script like a drama script that you would have to memorize.”

“It’s not relevant to ask to what extent the show is scripted because we consult with the [couples] and ask what they’d like to do, constantly checking their wish list of things they’d like to do when they get married. The writer’s job is to prepare what they will do, when, where, and with whom based on [their preferences],” Choi Yoon Jung continues.

“But it’s nothing like having an individual script per character like in a drama where we tell [the couples] ‘Memorize this and say this at this time.’ While the items we will film may be determined, we throw the [couples] into that situation and watch what happens,” she says. “One person has even asked whether the interviews are scripted, and that’s not true at all.”

What are your thoughts on PD Choi Yoon Jung’s responses?

You can catch the latest episode of “We Got Married” on Viki below.

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