EXID’s Hani Disproves Plastic Surgery Rumors With Unquestionable Evidence

On the July 31 broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV,” a panel of reporters looks back on how EXID’s Hani proved that she didn’t have plastic surgery through drastic measures.

While she was a guest on a different show, the girl group member talked about how people would say, “It’s obvious she had her nose done, ” or even, “She’s a plastic surgery monster.”

In order to disprove all the rumors, she prepared her past photos as well as CT scans. Present at the time, ZE:A’s Kwanghee, known for his own history of plastic surgery, confirms that if Hani had anything done, especially on her nose, it would show up as abnormal white lines on the CT scans.

EXID Hani 2 EXID Hani CT Scans

Evidently, no such lines appear on Hani’s CT scans, and her childhood photos provide an additional amount of proof.


The reporters remark, “If you compare her current self with her past photos, you can tell right away that she’s had no work done,” and how it’s hard for celebrities who must go to these lengths to disprove such rumors.

Hopefully these false plastic surgery rumors won’t bother Hani any longer.

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