Seo Hyun Jin Reveals How Many Takes Her Kiss Scene With Eric Took

Actress Seo Hyun Jin speaks out about her kiss scenes with Shinhwa’s Eric.

On the July 31 episode of MBC’s “Entertainment Relay,” the actress appears as a guest during the “Star-ting” segment of the show.

When reporter Baek Seul Gi mentions the famous “Another Oh Hae Young” scene where Seo Hyun Jin and Eric kiss passionately by a wall, Seo Hyun Jin becomes extremely shy and says, “That scene had no retakes. We did it all in one go in case we would get embarrassed.”

seo hyun jin 2

Furthermore, the actress describes Eric as “a very good partner.” She explains, “He has good manners, looks after people, and gives good ideas. It was his idea to turn the chair during one of the kiss scenes,” referring to the “grilled clam” scene in which Eric made improvisations to the script.

She speculates, “It must be because he has had a lot of experience,” before hilariously requesting for her statement to be edited out.

If you missed it, catch the tvN drama’s finale below!

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