“Section TV” Gives Estimate Of Damage Cost On Lee Jin Wook After Lawsuit

The accusations of sexual assault against Lee Jin Wook are estimated to have cost the actor more than 10 billion won (about $9 million) worth of damage.

The July 31 episode of MBC’s “Section TV” featured news about accuser “A,” who recently changed her statement from claiming that Lee Jin Wook sexually assaulted her, to testifying that no such crime occurred.

“Section TV” relays the words of the actor’s agency and reveals, “Lee Jin Wook suffered approximately 10 billion in damages from the halting of advertisement and promotional activities alone.” During the report, a lawyer states, “False accuser A must be held accountable for this situation.”

Initially, Lee Jin Wook was sued by A for allegedly sexually assaulting her in her house after they met at a dinner, charges strongly denied by the actor, who asserted, “Making false accusations is a big crime.”

On July 26, A submitted to the fourth round of questioning at the Suseo police station, where she testified that her sexual assault allegations were false.

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