Update: VIXX Drops Haunting Music Spoiler For “Fantasy”

Update August 7 KST:

VIXX has now shared a “music spoiler” for their upcoming track “Fantasy,” featuring Leo on the piano.

Update August 6 KST:

Check out VIXX’s concept film for their comeback here.

Update August 5 KST:

VIXX has revealed their track list for their upcoming single album “Hades.” The album includes songs “Fantasy,” “Love Me Do,” “Butterfly Effect,” and the instrumental for “Fantasy.”

VIXX track list

Update August 5 KST:

VIXX has now released a gorgeous set of individual and group teaser photos that give us a hint at the dark concept for their new single album “Hades.”

vixx hades 6 vixx hades 5 vixx hades 4 vixx hades 3 vixx hades 2 vixx 1 vixx group

Update August 4 KST:

VIXX has shared a cover image for their upcoming comeback with “Hades”!

vixx hades

Updated August 3 KST:

VIXX has now announced, through a comeback schedule with very few details, that the group will be releasing a music video on August 15.

vixx hades schedule

Updated August 2 KST:

VIXX has released a new teaser image for their upcoming comeback! The images shows a hand with a triangle and an eye on it as well as thorns surrounding the hand.

VIXX teaser

Updated August 2 KST:

VIXX has shared a teaser of the members’ silhouettes for their upcoming comeback with “Hades”!

vixx hades silhouette


It looks like concept kings VIXX will be making a comeback soon!

On August 1 at midnight KST, VIXX’s official Instagram posted a teaser video with the hashtags “VIXX 2016 CONCEPTION” and “Hades.” The caption also reveals that their next release will be coming out on August 12 at midnight KST.

The group is teasing the release of the second part of their “Conception” trilogy, which they began with their single album “Zelos” earlier this year and is expected to be completed by the end of 2016. “Zelos” was released in April and featured the group’s hit track “Dynamite.”

VIXX is continuing the Greek mythology theme by titling their new release “Hades” after the Greek god of the underworld.

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