Unnies From “Sister’s Slam Dunk” Do Their Best Jessi Impressions

The “Sister’s Slam Dunk” members all transformed into Jessi!

On July 31, Jessi shared an image of the ladies on her Instagram and wrote, “Jessi x6.”

In the photo, members Hong Jin Kyung, Tiffany, Kim Sook, Min Hyo Rin, and Ra Mi Ran all transform into the rapper, sporting Jessi-style jackets and sunglasses.

To top it off, they put on their best Jessi impression by following her trademark pout and fierce expression.

A photo posted by Jessi 제시 (@jessicah_o) on

Meanwhile, Jessi recently reunited with her father on the show’s July 29 broadcast, and the show will now be following the cast’s mission of fulfiling her dream to go on a vacation with her family.

Catch the latest episode below!

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