Watch: #GUN Blows Boi.B’s Mind With Impressive Vocal Performance

Recently, Starship Entertainment released a V-APP episode of #GUN’s debut countdown for his new single “BEEP.”

During the live broadcast, #GUN answers questions from fans with his “Show Me The Money 5” team Boi.B, Donutman, and producer Mad Clown. The team members joke around and even perform their “Show Me The Money” track “Mugunghwa.” Then #GUN is asked to sing a song, and he surprises everyone by choosing Lim Jae Bum’s “For You.” As #GUN imitates Lim Jae Bum, the others try not to laugh. But when #GUN reaches the high notes, Boi.B looks up in surprise, and later imitates The Quiett’s famous sneeze look from “Show Me The Money 5” with host DinDin.

Boi.B DinDin

Boi.B later uploaded a clip on his Instagram of #GUN with the hashtag “rockstar.”

Watch the clip of #GUN singing below!

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