“Showtime” Shares Stills Of MAMAMOO’s Cover MV Of GFRIEND’s Hit Track

MAMAMOO and GFRIEND will be covering each other’s popular music videos for “Showtime”!

On August 1, stills were shared of MAMAMOO’s cover video of GFRIEND’s hit “Rough,” in which they transform from their usual performance-centric, retro, and vibrant look in music videos into a more demure, schoolgirl concept for the first time.

mamamoo 3

Although they pull off the outfits with no problem, it looks like the members will still be showing off plenty of their usual “beagle charms” as they goof off a bit and play with the concept.

mamamoo 2

MAMAMOO is said to also be tackling GFRIEND’s choreography for the music video. From the looks of the show’s preview for this week’s episode, some of the members of GFRIEND will be performing MAMAMOO’s “You’re the Best” for their own cover MV!

The two girl groups are joint starring on the current season of the idol reality show “Showtime.” The next episode of “Showtime” will air on August 4 at 6 p.m. on MBC every1.

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