INFINITE Making A Fall Comeback

INFINITE will be making a comeback very soon!

According to an inside source, INFINITE is currently preparing a new album that will be released in September. This comes approximately a year and two months after their last mini-album “Reality.”

The source said, “It’s true that there’s a lot of interest in their new album as INFINITE has always released powerful and fun albums. Many producers are interested in INFINITE’s new album and are working hard to display their songs.”

INFINITE’s agency Woolim Entertainment confirmed the news and stated, “The specific date has not been confirmed yet, but we are preparing with a fall album in mind.”

The agency continued, “Currently, we are recording for the new album. Since the concert is tomorrow, we plan on finishing the album after the concert. Although they have not been confirmed for the new album, new songs will be revealed at the concert.”

Many are excited to see what INFINITE will comeback with this time.

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