Producer Discusses What Needs To Happen For A Second “Descendants Of The Sun”

In an interview with Sports Chosun, CEO Seo Woo Sik of Barunson Entertainment spoke about what needs to happen to make a second season of “Descendants of the Sun” — for which he was a producer — a possibility, a popular request among fans.

Seo Woo Sik said, “While a lot of people can make an effort now, for a second ‘Descendants’ to emerge, I believe there needs to be an independent organization within the broadcasting company. They need to make a system where projects can go on for extended periods of time.”

He took the five-part KBS documentary “Super Fish” as an example: “I was completely amazed when I saw that documentary. For the entire, extended time while it was in production, there must have been changes in management and people who were opposed to the project. They overcame all of that to bring the project to fruition. The second ‘Descendants’ must be approached in the same way. There needs to be a system and atmosphere in place to nurture long-term projects, rather than focus on immediate results.”

Watch “Descendants of the Sun” here:

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