GFRIEND Grabs 9th Win For “Navillera” On “The Show,” Host Zhoumi Says Tearful Farewell

GFRIEND has gone home with yet another trophy for “Navillera”!

The hit rookie girl group was up against FTISLAND and Stellar for the win on August 2’s episode of “The Show.” GFRIEND grabbed a score of 1,095 from Korean voters live, while FTISLAND took 316 and Stellar 89. Meanwhile, Chinese voters gave FTISLAND a score of 1,259, GFRIEND 224 points, and 17 points to Stellar. Added up with the groups’ pre-broadcast points, FTISLAND received a total of 7,665 points, Stellar received 5,846, and GFRIEND grabbed the win with 8,039 points.

GFRIEND was unable to accept the award in person, so the hosts promise they will deliver their award to them.

This episode was also Zhoumi’s last episode as a host of “The Show,” and so they play a compilation of clips from his time as a host, which brings tears to his eyes. Watch GFRIEND’s win and Zhoumi’s farewell below!

Performances this week were by FTISLAND, INX, MAS 0094, Gavy NJ, DaHee, Matilda, Melody Day, Bada, VROMANCE, BEATWIN, SONAMOO, SNUPER, Stellar, April 2nd, GFRIEND, Zhoumi, Joy, and Pharoh. Watch some of them below!

GFRIEND – “Navillera”

BEATWIN – “Your Girl”

INX – “Alright”

Bada – “Summer Time”

Joy – “Dreams Come True”

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