Ji Chang Wook’s Reps Respond To Rumors Of Halt On Airing Of Chinese Drama

Actor Ji Chang Wook’s agency has responded to rumors that claim there has been a halt on the airing of his new Chinese drama, “Whirlwind Girl 2.”

There are currently rumors circulating that China plans to ban Korean stars from appearing on its television shows due to South Korea’s plans for an anti-missile defense system. Nothing has been announced by the government and the rumors have not been verified, but they continue to spiral. The latest rumor has said that Ji Chang Wook’s new drama has been taken off air by the government because of this alleged situation.

On August 2, Ji Chang Wook’s agency Glorious Entertainment told news outlet Star Today, “Ji Chang Wook’s drama ‘Whirlwind 2’ is continuing to air in China. The rumors that its broadcast has been halted are groundless.”

“Whirlwind Girl 2” began airing on July 20 on Hunan TV, and also stars Leo Wu, An Yue Xi, and Chen Xiang.

Watch the latest episode below!

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