Song Jae Rim On Reuniting With Kim So Eun In Drama: “I’m Whipped”

At a press conference for the upcoming SBS weekend drama “Our Gap Soon” (tentative English title), Song Jae Rim revealed how he feels reuniting with his former “We Got Married” wife, Kim So Eun.

In just a few words, he summed it all up: “I feel like I was whipped on ‘We Got Married.’ It’s like that now, too.”

But then he kept going: “Like one would catch prey, So Eun has me in the palm of her hand. It’s been like that since ‘We Got Married.’”

Talking about their roles, Song Jae Rim said, “There are a lot of scenes where So Eun and I hold each other up. We can be verbally mean, but at the same time we’re supporting each other.”

“Our Gap Soon” also stars Lee Wan, Kim Kyu Ri, Yoo Sun, Go Doo Shim, and more. The drama is a comic drama that tells a story of marriage, dating, and family through the families of Gap Soon (Kim So Eun) and Gap Dol (Song Jae Rim).

Photos from the table reading:

gap soon table reading

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