Ladies’ Code’s Sojung Opens Up About Past Struggle With Anorexia

On the August 2 episode of JTBC’s “Girl Spirit,” Ladies’ Code’s Sojung confesses about her past struggle with anorexia.

This episode featured the B group members performing and competing against each other. The B group members were BESTie’s UJi, April’s Jinsol, Ladies’ Code’s Sojung, FIESTAR’s Hyemi, Spica’s Bohyung, and LABOUM’s Soyeon.

During her individual interview Sojung says, “In the past when I had anorexia I weight 38 kg (approximately 84 pounds). I lost about 8-9 kgs (approximately 18-20 pounds) before I debuted and developed anorexia afterwards. So I lost about 5 more kg (approximately 11 pounds).”

Sojung Girl Spirit 2

Sojung Girl Spirit 3

She recalls, “My face changed like a skull, and my body looked like it was about to break. People said ‘You look pitiful’ to me. However, now I eat well and exercise.” The show further shows Sojung exercising.

Sojung Girl Spirit 1

So glad to see Sojung healthier and happier than before!

Sojung performed her own rendition of Lee Hi’s “” and received 75 points.

Watch her performance below!

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