Watch: GFRIEND Play Arcade Games And Consume Helium On “Idol Arcade”

On a recent episode of “Idol Arcade,” GFRIEND was able to play with some fun toys in their waiting room.

The YouTube clip shows the girls reacting excitedly to an arcade machine, and reliving their childhood days. Without much strategy, the GFRIEND members take on the game “The King of Fighters,” and randomly slam the buttons in order to win. They win easily, showing an off-the-wall, lively image as they play against each other.

As if arcade games aren’t fun enough, the girls also consume amounts of helium in between games, resulting in cute, high pitched voices as they cheer each other on.

GFRIEND is currently promoting with their album “LOL” and their title song, “Navillera.”

Watch the clip below!

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