GFRIEND To Appear As Special Guest For “Infinite Challenge” U.S. Episode

Girl group GFRIEND will be appearing on MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” as a guest!

GFRIEND’s agency Source Music stated, “It’s true that GFRIEND will be appearing on ‘Infinite Challenge.’ Right after they performed for “K-CON,” they recorded a short segment at the site.”

This is not the first time GFRIEND appears on “Infinite Challenge” as a guest. The group appeared on the show during the episode “Perfect Sense” with Block B’s Zico. A broadcast source revealed that while the group was in L.A. for three days, they filmed a surprise meeting with the team of “Infinite Challenge.” Currently the “Infinite Challenge” team is in California filming for their special U.S. episode which also stars Zico as a guest.

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