GFRIEND Takes 10th Win And Triple Crown For “Navillera” on “M!Countdown”

Girl group GFRIEND has now received ten trophies for their new hit “Navillera”!

On August 4, the show aired a highlight special instead of live performances. A representative from the show explains, “As artists were out of the country because of ‘KCON LA,’ we put together a highlight show instead of live performances. The show will continue with its regular live format next week.” They add that the clips of the MCs hosting were pre-recorded.

However, the show still announced a winner for this week! The trophy was given to GFRIEND, who recorded a video to thank their fans. In the video, the members (minus Eunha) celebrate the fact that they’ve now won a “triple crown” on the show, as they’ve won three weeks in a row.

Congratulations, GFRIEND!

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