Watch: SEVENTEEN Drops Hilarious “Part Switch Version” Of “Pretty U” Dance Video

SEVENTEEN is switching things up with a fun new video for fans!

On August 4, the hit rookie group shared a “part switch version” of their popular track “Pretty U.” In the video, the guys have a great time imitating each others’ parts (with Seungkwan notably once again transforming into “Boonon” to take on Vernon’s parts). They goof around as they add in other hilarious dance moves (including one from Eric Nam’s “Can’t Help Myself”), and also use props like their usual book, as well as a bottle of water, as weapons in funny attacks on each other that fit with lines in the track.

SEVENTEEN released “Pretty U” back in April of this year, which earned them their first ever music show win. This video was uploaded for fans as a gift to fulfill their first win promise!

What do you think of this new gift for fans from SEVENTEEN?