MBC Reveals Why They Chose “W” As Their Newest Drama

MBC’s new drama “W” (written by Song Jae Sung and directed by Jung Dae Yoon) is currently on a ratings streak and gaining popularity only a couple weeks after its release.

The drama department head at MBC, Park Sung Soo, said, “We’ve always kept an eye on Song Jae Sung’s projects. When we saw the first script for ‘W,’ we thought, ‘This is it.’ Choosing a drama based on the script alone is unusual, but ‘W’ was a very new, interesting, solid production.”

He continued, “It has themes that the current generation will enjoy and the fact that the script is finished will please audiences.”

Despite juggling both the two-dimensional manwha world and three-dimensional reality, the producing director (PD) revealed that he focuses on portraying the characters’ emotions.

“All filming must be undertaken with the intent to maximize emotion,” he said. “Since ‘W’ is set in a very unusual world, it can be a little awkward. We have to work hard to make sure the audience never loses the characters’ feelings.”

“W” airs every Wednesday and Thursday on MBC. Catch the latest episode on Viki!W-soompi-banner

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